Is math a science?

According to the Merriam-Webster Encyclopedia, science is “knowledge about or study of the natural world based on facts learned through experiments and observations.” When we think of science, we think of the study of the human body, medicine, nature, or how the systems within the world work like gravity or travel. All of these things are part of the study of science. When you ask whether or not math is a science, you have to think about what goes into the different aspects of math. Are we experimenting? Can we observe math in its natural form? To me, the answer would be yes, that math is a science. I base my opinion off of the fact that in almost all aspects of science, math is included in the observations and experiments. Many of the facts that they obtain from these experiments would not be arrived upon if math was not part of the scientific world. Also, I think that math is observed and experimented upon. When we are solving for a system of equations, for example, we are observing the scenario, first attempting to figure out what we want to solve for, or what our end goal is. After we have figured this out, we can solve for a variable through experimentation. This is justification enough for me to believe that math is a science.

There are arguments that sciences study the natural world but mathematics does not. If you take apart what goes into the natural world, like gravity or growth of plants/animals, how do you think that we know the rate of gravity or the way that things grow? Mathematics does study the natural world, it tells scientists and the general public the way that things work with numbers instead of just observing.


One thought on “Is math a science?

  1. content & complete would require a bit more on this big subject. Maybe some exposition on biggest reasons for and against? The main point of people who object to math as science seem to say that math is the language of science but not a science. Can you refute that?
    consolidated: does it matter to you?

    clear, coherent +


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