What is Math?

When thinking about math and how all the equations and concepts were discovered, it makes one wonder how all of it came together to form the subject of math. When I think of math, I think of numbers. This is one of the greatest discoveries in the history of math, the creation of numbers and the application of these numbers into other things. For example, using these numbers to add or subtract. Using these numbers for counting, measurements, anything that was possible to use numbers for lead to the biggest discovery in the history of mathematics. Numbers are the foundation of math and the ability to extend math into other areas. Next, I would think that the biggest discovery is measurement. The ability to take these numbers and apply them to measuring certain objects, angles, lengths, what have you, would be another huge discovery in the area of mathematics. This is huge because it was the foundation for geometry, the equations involved in geometry, measuring simple lengths, constructing buildings, cooking, chemistry, measurement and numbers take the cake for the greatest top two discoveries in the history of mathematics.

Other than numbers and measurement, the creation of geometry was a milestone for the history of mathematics. They had all the components of geometry but putting it all together was the biggest part of it all. After the creation of geometry and fully understanding how geometry worked, it lead into other aspects of geometry other than just Euclidean. For example, it lead into Hyperbolic geometry and Elliptic. Both being very abstract forms of geometry that couldn’t have been discovered without the creation of Euclidean geometry.

From these discoveries, other types of abstract math started branching off of each other. Math started introducing topics like statistics, modern algebra, discrete mathematics, but they were all introduced based on the common idea of numbers and measurements. How the different types of numbers like, rational or irrational, produce different answers and how they work in different planes or environments. The idea that math can go into different dimensions changed the world of mathematics because now mathematicians don’t just work in 2-D, but 3-D or 4-D. Without the simple discovery of numbers or measurement, we might not be as advanced as we are now in the world of mathematics or technology.


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