Lesson on Chance

For this lesson, students will be introduced to the idea of chance. The teacher will set up five stations of chance, each with a game to play for students to interact with. First, the teacher will talk about probability and explain the formula for finding probability. The teacher will go through examples of probability and explain what different fractions would mean in terms of the chance situation. Students will go through experiments in order to gain a conceptual understanding of chance and probability. For example, they will find the chances of flipping heads, getting a 4 on the die, picking a red card, picking a diamond, and picking the 5 of diamonds. Through experimentation, students will understand what probability is and how to compute the probable outcome. In addition to understanding probability, the students will understand the difference between unlikely, most likely, and very likely when determining their probabilities. A link to this lesson is posted below:


This lesson aligns with the CCSSM standards for grades 6-8 because it is an introduction into probability and what it means. It allows the students to gain a greater understanding of how probable an outcome is and what the chances of it actually happening are based on experimentation. They can draw conclusions about the probability of events, overall I would give the lesson a rating of 5.


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