From teaching at Zeeland, I learned that students could know more than you think they know and they need to be presented with the right tools in order to show it. On the assessment that we were given, most of the students answered some of the questions incorrectly. But while going through the lesson and giving students manipulatives to work with, they showed their true knowledge of the subject. The students were able to absorb the information they were presented with pertaining to fair share and balance point easily as well as show the knowledge they had been taught. I learned that all students need an opportunity to speak and share their knowledge or else they could potentially be left behind. These things will impact my practice because each students needs an opportunity to show their knowledge as well as expand on it. I will be sure to present students with opportunities to grow in each lesson using manipulatives or other materials to ensure proper learning. Next, I want to continue to learn about how to help students expand on their knowledge and become proficient on topics that I will be teaching them. I want to learn how to teach the mean and the MAD easily for students to have a greater understanding without confusion.


One thought on “Reflection

  1. Thank you Lauren. As I read your post, I found myself wondering about the specific experiences that led to the insights and professional learnings you shared.

    Your observation that even though students had a difficult time showing their understanding on the pre-assessment, they were able to demonstrate good understanding in person. That observation has soooo many implications for our assessment practices… Thanks!


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