Learning Focus for Students

To teach students on Thursday, my personal focus was to really focus on fair share and balance point when talking about the mean. The students in the group I was assigned to seemed to be on the right track when analyzing the assessment questions they had answered the previous day. This tells me that they know how the mean works, or at least how to compute the mean. This leads me to believe that the goal I should keep in mind is moving forward past fair share and introducing the idea of balance point. The goal is for students to understand how balance point works, how they can maintain the same mean with moving points around on a number line. Also, how they can find the mean by using the number line as a balance point. If things are going well for the lesson, I would like to see students actively participating and answering questions that are asked. I would like to see students forming different data points on the number line in order to keep the same mean. The greatest thing would be to actually see students producing a real conceptual understanding where they can come up with their own data sets and compute the mean using a balance point as well as distribute data points easily to show fair-share. To prepare for this, I would like to have an idea of what the lesson should look like. I would like to have an idea of a general mean that all the data points should add up to in order to get an easier mean. It would help me to go over my lesson with someone who doesn’t understand the subject as well in order to prepare myself for questions that the students might ask.


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