Hello world!

Well, this is my first blog post ever. So, here it goes…My name is Lauren and I’m currently still in school aspiring to become an elementary school teacher with a main focus in mathematics. I’ve traveled down a long road of switching majors multiple times, transferring schools, and then switching majors again until I found out what I really wanted to do. It’s only taken me 4 years of college education to figure that out but I’ve never been more confident in my decision that I want to educate our future generations. Specifically, I want to educate the children that will eventually become the ones to do amazing things in the world with creative dreams and ideas. I want to be that teacher that the students come back and visit once they get older because I was actually able to stimulate their minds with knowledge they found new, intriguing, and challenging. I have a real passion for becoming an educator and I realized this through actually working with children, not taking classes in college. Being able to teach children new vocabulary or being able to successfully guide students through mathematical problems has been the greatest gift that I’ve received since I found out what I wanted to become in my future. The idea that all of my students will continue to build on their knowledge through their educational career and become proficient in something that they’ve learned to the point where they want to know that subject for the rest of their lives is extremely interesting to me. I could only hope that the things they learn in my classroom when I finally become a teacher will resonate with them and have a positive influence on their dreams and decisions. I hope to keep each of my students motivated so they actually want to learn in my classroom. All of these reasons above are exactly why I became attracted to teaching. Education is always growing, we ‘re constantly finding new things out about our minds and the only way to put these things to use is to become a knowledgable person, which is my intent for becoming a teacher. My ideal classroom for my career would have students interested in their work, students interacting with each other to understand better, and a challenging setting for students to be thinking continuously. I would love to have an interesting but fun classroom that students feel comfortable in, where they can be confident in their work and grow as a learner.


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